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Prepare for the Tax Man with Reese Accounting, Tax and Financial Services by your side!

Get tax preparation in Canton, Ohio

For the past three decades, David Reese of Reese Accounting, Tax and Financial Services has provided a range of accounting services in North Canton, Ohio. From small businesses trying to stay competitive to individuals facing down income taxes, David’s dedicated himself to helping regular people succeed through better tax management and compliance.

Whether you work for someone else, or you run a small business, taxes can be overwhelming if they're not properly managed.

That's where David Reese can help you. David knows that properly preparing taxes in North Canton, Ohio is more than just rote number-crunching or paper-pushing. He's committed to spotting tax errors and providing you with real, savvy, individualized feedback.

David can help you with:

•Small business tax preparation
•Income tax preparation
•IRS audit support
•State audit support
•Insurance rate determination reports
• Payroll tax audit support

Don't let the tax man get you down! Reach out to David Reese for tax assistance in North Canton, Ohio by calling (330) 498-0040 today.