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Why Choose Reese Accounting, Tax and Financial Services?

Bookkeeping, Tax and Accounting Services in Canton, OH

For the past 30 years, David Reese of Reese Accounting, Tax and Financial Services has provided a range of bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial consulting and accounting services to the Canton, Ohio region. From individuals managing households, to business people managing paydays, David Reese has helped people from all walks of life better understand their finances. And he wants to put that experience to work for you!

You'll find tax preparation prowess

Simply put, taxes can be tricky. Whether you’re an individual or a small business, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when tax season rolls around.

David Reese understands your anxiety. That’s why he’s dedicated his career to helping regular people like you succeed with their taxes through:

• Small business tax preparation
• Income tax preparation
• IRS audit support
• State audit support
• Payroll tax audit support

• Insurance rate determination reports

Isn’t it time to stop fearing the tax man? Call David Reese today!

You'll find QuickBooks expertise

QuickBooks is a vital tool for managing any business. With David Reese’s help, you’ll be empowered to use QuickBooks with skill and ease so that your finances always remain in the green.

You'll encounter a friendly, funny demeanor

David Reese is different than most accountants in North Canton, Ohio! He’s not a paper-pusher, but rather a friendly and funny professional who loves to think outside the box. When you hire Reese Accounting, Tax and Financial Services, David will put in the time needed to get you the best results during tax season— and beyond! No matter what your financial situation, David would love to help you succeed.

Why not put a licensed and insured CPA in your corner? Call David Reese of Reese Accounting, Tax and Financial Services at (330) 498-0040 to schedule your accounting consultation in North Canton, Ohio. David also services clients in the surrounding areas via Skype or conference call.

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